I hope this blog inspires yonewlywed cooking framed apronu to try some new recipes, feel comfortable adapting recipes to your own cupboard ingredients and tastes, and makes you feel confident enough to take on cooking for two…or twenty!

I’m a thirty-something, newlywed (see a published article on our foodie-related Honeymoon), elementary teacher that moved from my home-state of California to the wild, wild west of Montana a few years ago. My husband and I now spend our winters in beautiful and warmer southern Oregon to avoid the extreme cold that living at 6,000ft. in Montana brings!

I’ve been cooking for myself the past 10+ years and now that I’m married I am excited to cook for two people and even for some family holidays. I enjoy trying new recipes, reading cookbooks and cooking magazines, watching cooking shows, going to farmer’s markets, trying new foods, and eating out.

Unfortunately, over the years I have lost track of where recipes went, what recipes I loved, which ones I or my now husband did not love, and what little changes here or there I made to make a recipe quicker, easier, or how I adapted it to my location at over a mile high and being one hour away from a grocery store.

This blog is my attempt to keep all the recipes I try (including family recipes passed on from my mom and grandmothers) in one place so I never lose track of this stuff again and eventually have a record of recipes that I want to continue making in the future.

I prefer recipes that are relatively quick and easy without a million steps or having to make everything from scratch. To me, tasting good is more important than a perfect presentation. However, sometimes or more like when I’m in some moods, it’s fun to try a complex dish, a Julia Child recipe, or baking something using no pre-made ingredients and I call these longer recipes part of Project Sunday.

I mostly cook by myself as my husband isn’t big in the kitchen except for his famous french toast or BBQ skills. I like to use organic ingredients as much as possible and living an hour from a big grocery store means each week I have to pre-plan really well.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.
In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” -Julia Child

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